Viceode I

Cover Image of Viceode I album
Label: VO Records
Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie, Indie Rock, Rock
People: Words & Music: Sotiris Georgakopoulos, Pat Mavromatis

About Album

VICEODE is a collection of stories about what becomes of those who neglect to face the vices that lie within. From the galloping rhythms of Abyss and the haunting cello lines of Hole to the mystical reflections of Pyre, Viceode I happilly rests on top of the alternative rock cloud delivering an elegant, meticulously-crafted adventure of album-oriented goodness.

This music and comic book series—Viceode I is the first chapter of a trilogy—takes us through the journey of Iritus, a man, who, after the disappearance of his wife, goes on a search to get her back, only to realize that he must go through a world plagued by a recently awoken maleficence. What will he find, as he encounters the living embodiments of human vices?

*The song and comic book Hollowhead are only available on the Double 180gr Vinyl LP (now available) and the complete Viceode I comic book (available soon).


1. Abyss 5:11
2. Little Devils 5:01
3. Animal 4:06
4. Hollowhead* 0:01
5. Pyre 5:23
6. Narcissus 3:50
7. The Visitor 4:45
8. Desert Flower 4:00
9. Burial 3:56
10. Hole 3:50
11. Apathy 4:45
12. Arrowhead 3:29
13. Eye of the Spiral 0:01